Spoiled for choice – NSW Spoil Wagons – part seven – NQJX/NDQF

Updated 3 October 2012

Technically speaking, the NQJX and NDQF are not spoil wagons, but rather they are 2TEU (two “twenty foot equivalent”) container wagons. I include them here however as they are often seen carrying spoil bins as per the below photos. They have also been leased out to private operaters to be used as normal container wagons in the past (for example Silverton trip trains).

The photos are only of NQJX wagons, which are cut down NOBX open wagons. The possible exception is NQJX 10101L, which the NSW Rollingstock site reports came from an unknown louvre van, though it doesn’t have the characteristic louvre van ends, and the code boards show the same weight, capacity, and only a minor difference in length between 10101L and the other wagons (14.9m vs 14.96m).

From memory, Hanovale produced a kit of NQJX 10101L, and Scaleways produced a basic kit of the more common type. I don’t think either kit is available any more however.

The NDQF wagons are apparantly former NDXF concrete sleeper wagons (some of which are now NDYF concrete sleeper wagons). I am not aware of a model of either the NDQF or NDXF/NDYF.