Android 4.0.3 on the Motorola Xoom – first impressions …

I got the update the other day, and so far not a big fan – Honeycomb felt a lot more polished. The new font is taller meaning the keyboard takes up more screen space (maybe that’s an illusion though), everything is slower, tapping in text to edit is less precise (can be words away from where you tapped, and you then have to drag the cursor – Honeycomb suffered this, but not as badly), a couple of apps no longer work (including my twitter client), and email seems random in which messages it downloads, and it is the slowest app of the lot despite being bundled with the OS.

Visually, aside from the boot up screen, everything has a hint of ewwww to it – I especially dislike the analog clock, the font, the changed icons, and some screen flipping effects. I also miss in the notification tray being able to dismiss notifications individually – it is now an all or nothing affair. The only plus really is wifi seems to be running better, with a stronger signal.

Overall I pretty much regret updating – I suggest fellow owners research before updating. Other people’s comments I’ve read have been more positive, but aside from the wifi I so far fail to see the positive to it.