Nelson, sunny Nelson.

Unfortunately not – when we left Christchurch we saw the forecast for cloud and rain for both full days we were to be in the area – the first day did not disappoint the weatherman, but we only had a limited time so had to get out there anyway.

On the evening we got there, the missus noticed the water was out, and it was a chance for interesting shots of stranded boats.

Then just over the road was a small railway station, presumably part of a tourist railway as I don’t think the main line ever reached Nelson.

The next day with the uninspirational weather, we decided to just hang around Nelson. The “Church on the Hill”:

Miyazu Garden:

The Centre of New Zealand (conveniently right at the peak of a hill):

Rabbit Island:

By the water:

Drove past this interesting spot:

And of course had way too much for dinner: